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Uniqueness in Pakistan Elections

Uniqueness in Pakistan Elections

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History of Anarchy in Pakistan Elections 

The important issue of Pakistan is elections whose results have come out and people are also enjoying its results. It was a unique election and as such every election done till date keeps a historical memory in itself. Some were general elections and some provincial. Since 1970 national elections have started and these were the 11th National elections and every election has a uniqueness and different from each other. In the 1970 elections though there were many parties; but two parties came in leading position. One was the Awami Muslim League which was from Eastern Pakistan, which is Bangladesh now. That party won there with majority and got maximum seats in that election. The second party was People’s party and they got less than 100 seats but in Pakistan those who were monitoring the elections were the Establishments; and they took a decision. By law that party should have been ruling the entire East and West Pakistan but they gave opportunity to People’s party to form the government. As a result the majority winning party rebelled and as a result of those elections the country got divided into Bangladesh and Pakistan. This was the unique democracy which divided the country into two. Such kind of elections and democracy only takes place in Pakistan.

This party ruled for five years and then again in 1977 elections were done and that was also unique that prior to elections the ruling party’s 45 candidates were declared as winners and for rest other seats elections were done. After this news of election rigging the opposition parties to People’s party denied the results; they rebelled and as a result an uncertain situation developed in the country. Then in order to get out of that instability, the same party of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to whom the governance was given by dividing the country was ousted and the outcome was the most dark and disgraceful era of Zia Ul Haqq. As a result of anarchy from the rebellion in these elections; the government was suspended and Martial law was applied and the country was governed by martial law for eleven years. In the same martial law; the battle started in Afghanistan and then terrorists entered in the same era as the outcome of these second elections. During martial law also there was some drama of elections done but actual elections were done when Zia ul Haqq died in the air crash. In these elections People’s party that won ruled for eighteen months after which they were declared as ineligible as being corrupt government.Then again elections took place and in that as well after 2.5 yrs the government was terminated as being corrupt. Every elections in Pakistan leaves its memory and this democracy is unique in Pakistan.

Rigging in Elections

This has been ongoing and now the elections of 2018 has taken place and its outcome has been seen. The results were clearly visible before the elections by studying the behavior of the authorities who were arranging the elections. As per a columnist the selection was done and the formality of elections were remaining which they accomplished and got the party whom they wanted. They got the other parties out of elections with various tactics. Now every party that has lost is accusing that Elections have been rigged and have rejected the elections. They have all rejected but are also ready to join the government and get into dialogues and making deals.

This clean elections which have taken place and only issue that has been left is that the elections rigging which were taking place; there was some laziness seen. There should be an investigation done on those opposition parties’ candidates who have won as to how they won. The presiding election officers in those constituencies should be investigated to see as to how they allowed some other candidates other than the pre decided winning party to win from some other parties. This should be seen as a weakness in the elections and this should be caught, because this type of clean elections (tauntingly) which has been done should be assessed. In some elections there is a joke that a criminal type person contested in elections. He got three votes; on which he said one vote is mine and second of my wife and I am trying to find out who is the third one who voted for me. Here also in Pakistan we should find out those senseless people who have voted for someone else other than the country’s favorite party.

Heinous tactics for desired person into power 

Thus these elections are also unique and these kind of elections and politics prove very harmful for the country. This is not the first time, as it has happened before also and in every elections and the policies made for elections have given big blows to the country. What these elections will do would come up in future. At present people and media are all busy in discussing the party’s positions and winning, losing people who were contesting elections. There is no one paying attention towards the nation and community as to what happens to the state, nation and the economy.

There is a natural result for the country from which it is impossible to get saved. This special type of democratic act in which various tactics are done to get the desired person in the government and then desired benefits are taken from them when they come in power are dangerous. Such kind of parties when they rule the country they bring big damage to the country and people.

In these elections all the Sadiq, Ameen (sincere, trustworthy) persons were moved from various parties to one party. There are some big parties in the country, as such all parties consider them as very big. But these two or three whose supporters are present across the country. One is the Muslim League, then people’s party, PML-N and now PTI which has won. In PTI the people who have won mostly are those who have been transferred from other parties as electable. These people always win irrespective of which party they belong to. This is also a uniqueness of elections in Pakistan that those people always win who are against the spirit of democracy. That is the feudal lords, tribal chiefs, sages who come out of democracy. Democracy was made to get rid of this category and people should get the rights to elect. But here we would not get our hands off this category of Sultan, Mullah and Peer (Sages). These were the so called sincere, trustworthy persons who were moved to one party and the county is now in the hands of these trustworthy persons.

Ignorance on Economy crisis in country

The new Pakistan is now about to be made and nation is ready for the new Pakistan. As I said in last week that for people elections are just a carnival where they throw votes the way they throw money on dancers. These dancers, prostitutes, eunuchs pick these notes placed on the head of a big personality. Here also the same happens. Now when the carnival has ended; the one who has won has won and those who lost have lost. Though there will be objections and conflicts will go on to keep the blood warm. All these organizations need some activities. Now after this carnival when people reach home; the currency before this carnival started was at 114 now it has reached 130. Now these trustworthy people in whose hands the economy has come; have this 130; whereby the value of currency has fallen down so much. Like some countries where the currencies have fallen down very low like Iran. It looks like the way global powers have got down the currency of Iran to destroy the economy of the country are doing the same for Pakistan. The way when the currency falls, the economy will come down and life will become difficult for people. All these new comers are now zero meter, who have also to start earning. They have to first recover the cost of the elections and other costs; then earning for themselves which all will come from the economy of the country. The loans in foreign currency has increased. The revenue has fallen down and from the time interim government was made they were not seen anywhere, doing anything. It was only the Chief Justice who went on playing the role of PM, FM and everyone just like the President Mamnoon who was hardly seen by anyone. The FM of the interim government said there is no balance between our spending and earnings. He is not telling the new set up as to what they are getting and have to manage.

Power Hungry democrats

The new setup that has also with something different and the Pakistan will see a new form of democracy. As I said before that in democracy there are parties which are created to come into power. The power hungry people make parties and use the shoulder of people to reach the chair of power. In democracy all parties are hungry, irrespective of whatever slogans they raise, that we have come to serve people. The actual reality is the drug addiction of power. The way a drug addict gets crazy if he does not gets drugs, these politicians also get mad if they don’t get into power. This group which has come into power has shown how much power hungry they war. They had saliva falling down for power. Whatever non seriousness they did; the dirty culture they introduced in politics and have demonstrated all what they could. They had the lust of power on its peak. When such persons come into power; there is a tradition of Ameerul Momineen (a.s) that two persons become very dangerous. One is an honored person; if he is disgraced in front of others he turns dangerous, the second is when filthy persons come into power they make the life miserable for others. When an honored person comes into power they give opportunity to everyone but Pakistan getting an honored governance is still a dream and they have not seen it. Though they deserve it, but they do not desire and they consider these abased as the best for them.

One unique thing that came out in this election was about those parties, independents who had nothing in their hand, but had a desire to come into power. This power, rulership tickles everyone. There are very few persons whom when given an opportunity will deny that we don’t want to take positions in the world, when it is in their reach. When something is not in your reach, then someone can say that grapes are sour because they are at height. For some it is impossible for them to reach power though they also have lust and desire. But for someone if power comes walking then there would be very few who will deny it like Imam Raza (a.s). Power came to him but he kicked it. Rest all are intoxicated and addicted with power. There are some who are certain that they cannot win and they don’t have any supporters. They tried all possible tactics, they used sacred things, religion as a tool but none of them won, and not even get few votes. They are still happy that their opponent has not won and are saying that so and so has lost which is our victory. Is this your activity that someone has lost?

A uniqueness of Terrorists participation in elections

These elections were unique; one uniqueness was that there was a big group of terrorists who were allowed and made eligible to contest so that they can rule the country. They were considered as Sadiq Ameen; they were suspended organizations and persons when they contested. Now also as per Pakistan they are nonexistent and this person is a criminal of Pakistan but the same were considered as Sadiq Ameen (sincere, trustworthy); they contested, some won and some lost. But for such suspended criminals to come in elections is a uniqueness.

Now there are all who are objecting that these elections were not fair. Even those who won might also have some conscience alive and might be thinking on how they won. But this field of politics is that either you have to make your conscience sleep or kill it; then only you come into politics. So might be they would also realize. But those who lost who are shouting that this was planned and not organic results. Now what is the actual politics of everyone; those who won, lost and whose did not vote or were not voters. They all have one common mentality; that whatever is the situation you adjust with it. If someone has won, then adjust with winner, if you have lost then adjust with winner, if you have got then adjust and if you don’t get then also adjust. Hence the situations never change or improve for them. In these elections this has happened but in the next elections it will be worst. This would be the community reaction that they will all compromise and adjust with the situation.

If you see the behavior of those who won and lost when they were campaigning. The arguments, the counter attacks which they were doing for their opposition parties. The map which they presented of other party which people should remember. They would come on TV and representative of every party were made to sit. We cannot deny the talks, words of these people as to what all have said. The head of this winning party what all he has said in all his gatherings of elections let us accept that because they were considered as righteous then only the tickets were given to them for contesting. So let us trust the election commission, and accept all what they said about each other. What has one Sadiq, Ameen said about other. Get their recordings from internet; see the words of each one of them for others. One said other as robber, other replied to him as a thug. The court has considered both of them thugs. They were terrorists, criminals but when the court has said that they are righteous. But what are these righteous people saying on TV, so the community should accept what these righteous people are saying? Then the result of the campaign before election proves that all are thugs, thieves. As per laws of democracy you cannot deny their words and hence accept what all they have said about each other. Both the winner and loser are thugs as they have proven to each other

Pakistan first time gets a populist, celebrity ruler

Now the democracy after elections will start. There is a uniqueness in this government. In the past like when a military rule that came the power was in the hands of Generals like Sikander, then Ayyub Khan, then Yahiya Khan, then with some break Zia ul Haqq, then with some break Musharraf. They have been ruling for years, so in between some elected governments came up. When an elected government comes up there is a political atmosphere. Like the first elected President that came was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who had a political background as he was the FM before and his family was in the system. He was a person who came from a political background and reached the rulership. Whoever became the ruler, they all had political background. Now the leadership which Pakistan has got is from a cricketer, celebrity who are famous in people. He has shown good performance in cricket, which people liked and he gained popularity. He came into politics because he was popular in people. It is the first time Pakistan has got a celebrity ruler. There were feuds and politicians who came before. Like Benazir was a political activist and came up with her political working. This is the first celebrity and first experience of Pakistan on how celebrity will rule. It is clear that he is not having any political background, was not a political worker, and had no political family but you have got them into power based on popularity.

Now behind the celebrity, the democracy which is being done is a special type which is known a populist democracy. This means the democracy that is liked by people. Like there is technocracy, which means a government of technocrat experts come up. Then there are other specific types like dignities and royal families come up. Similarly this category of populists, means those who are liked by people and they do what the people like. Whatever people likes they will do; people want play they start games, tournaments; if people like to dance, give them dancing. The same populism is there in religion also. If people want to laugh, make them laugh; people want to cry they make them cry; they want to dance let them dance. The best leader is one who does what the people like. It is the first experience of Celebrity government for Pakistan. Now what you have to face as a government are the rules which the people will like.

In governance you do what is the need and not liked by the people always. Like national defense policies are not liked by people as there is nothing for the people in defense policies. This new PM says I will not stay in PM house; all these are populist talks, so that people can praise him. Why will you not stay there? It was made for PM only and so much money was spend on making the Prime Minister house. If you are so keen about people then give your 4000 acres of house to the people. Divide the big land on which you have your own house into small plots and give it to the poor people.

 In the past; governments were like this only and whatever they had we agree to it. Whatever winners have said about losers and losers have said about winners, we accept because the court has said they are all truthful, righteous. If court has declared terrorists are eligible, then you have to accept as in democracy you don’t have the rights to object. This is also against democracy to object on elections. In democracy there is a no possibility of objection. If you have accepted democracy then can you object why terrorist have been given seats to contest? In Khilafat you can object but in democracy, you have everyone as equal, everyone free and all are brothers. These three are the elements of democracy and democratic acts start with these three elements. If you say that this person is ineligible, terrorist then you are doing wrong because they are all same in democracy. The celebrity democracy will open further.

Mischievous, Superstitious acts in elections

One more thing that came out of this democracy is the mischievous, superstitious democracy. They all go to sages, Peer, and even Benazir used to go to these places. Zia ul Haqq was a strict Deobandi but he would also go to Shrines. The President of Peoples Party, Asif Ali Zardari had a sage inside the President house who would decide what President should do, where he should visit or not. The Sharif brothers are also into the same superstitious mischiefs. This celebrity government is openly into mischievous superstitious acts. They have been sacrificing several sheep’s daily, many religious acts have been done. Imam Zamin (a band for protection tied on the arm by Shias with the belief that it will protect from all harms) has been placed, visiting shrines of sages and all what has been done. You have not got this democracy easily. A big important step that was taken was getting the Lady sage (Peerni ) for the celebrity, where the Prophet came in her dream, and this lady Bushra had to take divorce from her husband and get married to this celebrity. For the politics of Pakistan this is also a new dimension of elections that they should also look for Peer, Peerni and spiritual things. He got this lady divorced and before the Iddat he got married to her and that lady played a big role with her spirituality to make this government. This has also happened in this democracy and the loosing parties should ponder over this that their Peer was deficient.

One more thing that has happened; that when a government is made, their family also comes forward. The people who have congratulated this celebrity are like his ex-wife, his ex-brother in law and it means all these family members have somehow got affiliated with Pakistan.

Pakistanis will not reach Kaaba on this path

These were the elections and they were unique which we have to accept from all dimensions. These are the elections and with the current situation and you can see where it goes. Though we know where it will head towards but let the community see then might be they will believe. But for Pakistanis they never get ashamed on what they do; they repeat the same mistakes. I remember one Imam e Jumah had an issue with other Imam e Jamaat based on distance between mosques for Friday Prayers as there is a restriction in Imamia Fiqh. They were both doing Jumah and referred to everyone. The elders came to us with them, and presented the arguments to make one Jumah. They did not agree but when we said that by Sharia it is not permitted. That person said that even if I have to go to hell for this act, still I will not leave this.

There is a story from Sheikh Saadi, in which he says that one scholar of religion went for a feast to a King. This scholar ate very less though everything was present. The scholar ate very little bread and nothing else. The King insisted him to eat and he made an excuse that I will eat only this much. Though normally he would eat a lot but in front of King he wanted to show his Taqwa, so that the king will become his disciple. His thinking was better to get the king then the chicken. The second thing which the scholar did was after the food there was time for prayers. He prolonged his congregation prayers, weeping, crying. The King was astonished and asked him and he said normally I do my prayers this way only. All this was to impress the King by his character. After mentioning this story, Saadi presents a poem. In which he says, one Arab Bedouin came out of his village and went towards Mecca, Kaaba. One person asked him, where are you going, he said I am going to Kaaba, his friend said that in your heart you want to go to Kaaba, but this route goes to Turkistan. O traveler; I am afraid that you might not reach Kaaba, because this route does not reaches Kaaba, it goes to Turkistan. The path which this community of Pakistan has adopted is going to Turkistan and they will not reach Kaaba. 

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