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Realities of Elections in Pakistan

Realities of Elections in Pakistan

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Terrorism in Mustang Election gathering

In last week (two week before 2018 elections) there were two terrorist activities in Quetta and Peshawar, resulting into human life losses in these specifically in Quetta. Those who lost their lives were mostly people from nomad tribes. This is because such category of people are dragged into these programs and even in protests. They are poor people who do not have any regular source of income and for them to attend some political gathering is a daily labor act, where they will get food, transport and money at the end of the day. There is a big number of these nomads present in Mastung town of Quetta.

Mustang has been a place of slaughter. Mustang is also strategically on the highway of Quetta and acts as a neck for Quetta. There is one road that passes through Mustang, and all the roads that lead to Pakistan and Iran pass through Mastung. In this artery road of Quetta there are two categories of terrorists present. One are the local Baloch terrorists fighting for freedom of Quetta and second are the religious terrorists who are enemies of Shia. The Shias have been a big target in this location only when they used to visit for Ziarat and also the locals from Quetta. This has been a grievous incident where 150 people died and even political leader of that event became a victim. Similarly in Peshawar also it took place during a political gathering.

This terrorism was not part of routine terrorism which has been ongoing in Pakistan instead this was part of the elections. These elections are of different type. Even if the people do not cast their vote on 25th July, still it has been decided whom they want to bring to power. That party is already celebrating and they have been ascertained for this. This surety only comes when the atmosphere of election is such that all parties are losing their position and there are threats for them to run campaigns. A list of all targets have been released and the name of that party leader who is being planned to come as winner is not there in that list. They are ready to come into power but we don’t know as this is Pakistan and it might happen that someone else out of blue comes out. As per me the probabilities are high for someone else, and this person who is being prepared might not get a chance. He will prepare a ground but the one who sits on the position of minister will be someone else and the party might also be different. It looks like they might form a new party out of independent candidates and make them rule. All the parties are being threatened but this party is not. One on end these dreadful blasts are being done and the target list is being issued. This is democracy and this is the beauty of democracy which our media presents. Is this the beauty of democracy to lose so many lives?

One more thing witnessed in these blasts was that media has termed all those who got killed in Quetta blast as martyred. There are some persons in that area who are not even Muslims but media has given all them the title of martyrs. It is good that media has honored the oppressed. But at the same location the Shias have been brutally martyred, slaughtered but media never termed them as martyr. In Quetta Shia’s have been massacred and the media would write and we would feel very aggrieved about their conscience, that how lowly, abased they have become that they would say that so many were assassinated in Quetta. It was the first time media was informed to term all of them as martyrs. But this should happen for everyone and the Shia’s are the most oppressed in Balochistan and they are the biggest victim. During the government of people’s party prior to this government, a delegation from Shia Quetta came to the President and one request they made that they have no place to bury people in graveyard and they should get a graveyard allotted. This is the proof of oppression on Shia. In any case all oppressed are equal for us and we are sympathetic towards them. It is the media and Pakistan government that when a Shia is killed they are not martyr but someone else dies they are martyrs. These were the oppressed people of Quetta who were made victims.

In Pakistan this impression was given that terrorism has ended but this big act has taken place. In this act there are signs present of intervention from outside the country and the elements from inside. It is apparent that the communal Baloch’s and the treatment given them before it might be a reaction from them and they have announced a battle against state, but they don’t have this suicide bombing technology. This technique is there with religious terrorism groups and it is clear that the outside powers have links with both the groups inside and they can use any of them. As the agencies have warned that there are threats till the day of election for everyone. We pray that this should not happen and may Allah protect everyone.

Roots of Terrorism in Pakistan

There are three roots of terrorismpresent inPakistan and these roots are still untouched. Whatever work against terrorism has been done is on the branches and leaves. I am repeating this several times so that our community can remember this as people forget when they get busy in carnivals of elections. We should know from where terrorism entered Pakistan. It was not started by ordinaryPakistan people.

The terrorism stared from three elements, one is the Takfirists Ideology group which declares all Muslims exceptthemselves as infidels and obligatory to kill. But till date the structure of this ideological group has remained untouched. Instead they have strengthened them like in KPK where there arecenters and academies of terrorism have been given government funds, grants to these centers who have made Taliban, Al Qaeda. They have done this openly and billions of rupees have been given to them from the public treasury of government.

The second element of terrorism is the government sponsorship that is the people who have entered inside the government on big bureaucracy positions, who makenational policies but carry this ideology of Takfirist. They support terrorists. Like last year the Pakistan agency published a list of 37 persons from Parliament that they are supporters of terrorism. The ex-chief of Pakistan Army, who is in Saudi Arabia, in some place outside of Pakistan, which I think was in London in a Press conference has said about this. This was when he was the commander in chief of Pakistan army. He has said that there are people present in Islamabad who want ISIS to take control of Pakistan. Islamabad means capital which means people inside government institutes. They wanted ISIS to come in Pakistan and do terrorism. Such kind of references have come and proofs are also present that in Pakistan government such persons are present who support terrorism.

The third root is the Arab wealth who want to rent everything from Pakistan. The Pakistanis are very excited towards Arabs, they serve them there and are ready to provide them any service free of cost, and now when they are paying also we are too passionate for their slavery. Arabs have a free hand in Pakistan and they have invested a lot of money in Pakistan to make mosques, madrassah and are carrying out these acts of terrorism. If you want to end terrorism then these three groups should be terminated and ended. Then we won’t have to face terrorism anywhere.

In Pakistan terrorism is required by certain political parties and it is the capital. We can see the outcome of this in elections. Many such terrorists and their groups have been given permission to contest elections. Recently a big well named published terrorist of Lashkar e Janghvi, Shafiq Mengal who is the candidate from Khuzdar constituency has been permitted by election commission to contest elections. He was prosecuted and he was the master mind of many terrorist activities, many graves came out where he was the one who committed all the crimes. This person was given permission and opportunity to come and contest elections. They have given many such terrorists permissions to contest elections.  In Jhang and other places many such terrorist and suspected terror organizations have been formally granted permissions to contest elections and in many other places their supporters contesting. This is a proof that people sitting in government organizations consider these terrorists as their capital. It is not like that just out of play such powerful groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are created. Such persons are created, trained and a lot of efforts are put in to make such forces. Those who have made such forces do not allow them to be wasted. In order to protect them now they are allowing them to come under the umbrella of politics. The competitive groups within them should align together and join hands. Like the Shia group leader should give no objection to the FIR and cases on terrorists. Why all such arrangements are being made for terrorists? The political leaders have reservations, they are not eligible and cannot contest elections whereas the leaders of terrorist groups who are criminals but still are eligible to contest elections. They want to make them fight elections in every possible way and make them successful as well. This is because the political umbrella is the only way to protect them, secure them so that they can be reused in future. These thoughts that terrorism has ended is not true and the people which such thoughts that terrorism is our capital, which should be secured and to be used in future are dangerous.

Unreasonable fall of Rupee

In this election Fair of Pakistan something else is also happening. It happens during carnivals where people travel from various places and stay there for some days, but when they return they find that their shops, animals and homes are robbed while you were attending the fair. They find that all their capital was lost. This political fair which has been established and everyone is enjoying, dancing and they all are in abnormal state and during this time your economy is getting ruined. The Rupee is falling down without any reason or any incident happening. It has reached 130 against a dollar. When it reached 100 there was a lot of noise done and it might fall down further to 150 against a dollar. Even today the value of Rupee has fallen down below Afghanistan, Nepal and against India it is very low. The outcome of currency falling is on inflation where prices of commodities double as the currency is devaluated. Then everything like energy, petrol will become expensive, inflation will rise but the income of people will not increase. When the currency falls, the income reduces for shopkeepers, farmers and for everyone. This way economically every category will get ruined after this election fair. The speed at which the rupee is falling is an economic destruction happening. This is not something natural whereby some economy crisis has happened in Pakistan and this would have been a result of that. This is happeningwithout any cause which means this is happening with some planning and thinking. When people will return from their dancing fairs, they will find everything of theirs is ruined.

First Reality – Repetitive failure of all governments

Election which is the hot topic now and everything else has become secondary for Pakistan and nothing carries any importance other than these election carnivals. The people from Pakistan are very good at fairs and big carnivals are done in Pakistan and everything is done there like wresting, good sweets, dance, shows and special guests come and Fairs are cultural entertainment for Pakistan. In Fairs there are no useful things done, most of the time only entertainment is done. It is necessary to pay attention towards certain realities of election

The first point is that elections are not happening for the first time in 2018. This is the seventh or eighth General elections in Pakistan. From the time Pakistan was made, the country was run by appointed people and then after sometime elected people were running the country. All the elected ones who run the country have their own records. There are still many people in Pakistan who have seen all the elections. The results of those elections which came out should be in front of everyone as per rule. But in carnivals this does not happen, because when people leave the fair they forget everthing till next fair. They only remember the entertainment part. Since elections carry a fundamental importance for the destiny of a nation, they should preserve its experience and learning from past elections. If they are not doing these, then they are an irresponsible community.

In all the elections which have taken place, the result of the elections as per the Pakistan judiciary has not been correct. All the elected ones turned out to be dacoits, thieves and corrupt. Every government that came up, the Judiciary declared in short time that they are corrupt. There is not a single elected government which has got a satisfaction after their tenure that this government was perfect, they did not do any loss, damage to the country, and they have not filled their pockets and eaten illegitimately the public treasury. This is a realty of election that whatever elections were contested in Pakistan the result was only corrupt ones coming out. Either the forces took over the country as in Pakistan the army carries a big role and importance. Whatever elections results came out the forces declared that you are corrupt, and when the army declared someone as corrupt and ineligible, they ousted them and got martial law in place. Martial law does not comes up with the choice of people. It is when the army realizes that the current government is ineligible and can break the country, destroy it; at the same time forces come and take over the power from elected persons, suspend the constitution, prosecute the rulers and put them behind bars. This means that the people did not elect the right persons. When there were no martial laws, the judiciary suspended the government or the Minster. In certain cases the President, who is the constitutional authority can suspend the government. Like President Ishaaq, President Farrokh Laghari suspended governments. Thus at time forces, at time Judiciary and at times the President proved that that rulers elected by the people were not loyal to Pakistan. What you are about to do now you are repeating what you did in 2013? Again you are about to elect a group of looters, whom after two three years the Judiciary will declare them as thugs and corrupt, then people will smile out of shame

Second Reality: Cast Vote for known licentious persons

The second reality of Pakistan elections is about the majority who become candidates for elections. There are many who come out to contest, some for fun, some for bargaining and all come for some interests. But those who come out to win and come into power, those who also have probability to win, also known as electable I am referring to them. These top 2 or 3 persons who are in front on the seats, I am referring to them. The others are only there for some other reasons. Some people like to get fame by contesting elections, make Selfie. There are certain persons whose family also don’t remember but they will say we contested elections, but they do not reveal the outcome. These are secondary status persons who are not the category of contesting elections. The electable are effective people of that locality who have probability to get elected, and get votes for whatever reasons or basis like community, tribe, etc. These people are known to everyone in that locality also and others also. Like those who are contesting elections in Punjab, the famous ones, the electable are known to everyone across the state. People from North Punjab knows about the electable in south Punjab and across the country. All these persons are known to everyone. 

After the elections if you go and ask them about the candidates who won or lost from the top line as to how he was. The people will talk about what kind of thief, oppressors, lustful acts, usurpation etc and all these evil traits every person from that locality will speak about. Thus for voting these personalities are well known. Some are such that who carry global fame and people outside Pakistan know them. When you take the name of such person everyone knows. Some of them are ethically corrupt, open adulterers, their corruption videos, pictures are present on internet. Their cases are there in courts. Their children are illegitimate born and are known to everyone. You ask any voter whether this candidate drinks alcohol or not? They will all witness that these candidates are alcoholic. They are abased ethically, their character is of oppression, cruelty and they become candidates and they are known as electable. It is decided that they have to win in elections. The point I am making is that people know who they are, they are not voting for strangers. They all know what kind of lowly, based, corrupt, thugs they are. They all know what their children are doing and their reality is all known. Then why do they vote? I will explain this with an example.

In Pakistan no one can say that they have not seen or attended a fair. Even in my childhood I have visited fair. You can see the cultural fairs, where there are horse rides, dances, music and you can see these days every day around our seminary people come with drums dancing. These carnivals are not something hidden for Pakistan, they all are well acquainted with it. In Fairs one act which is done is to throw cash on some performers as reward being impressed and happy with their performance instantly. In religious gatherings also if the orator makes some good point, people get happy and immediately come on the stage and give money as token, gift to the reciter. It happened with me also once, that someone kept ten rupee note on the table where I was reciting. I announced that it might be someone lost this, then they said this is an instant reward. In carnivals, there are Eunuchs, licentious women who dance and these woman are not of good character, they do evil things and most of these women are prostitutes.

There is a complete community in Pakistan known as Kanjar; but since their men and women do acts of lust trading, licentious lustful business the entire community has got this bad name. Every one Shia, Syed, Chaudhary and all good persons, religious, educated persons attend the fairs. When these eunuchs, prostitutes start to dance these same big feudal and rich persons throw money on them. The poor are only satisfying the lust of their eyes. For the rich class, they remove the bundle of notes and give rewards to that dancing courtesan prostitute. That is the carnival of throwing notes to the prostitutes. This is the fair of votes where they are throwing votes on these prostitutes in these elections. You would have seen in the marriages, the dancers, eunuchs comes and they throw notes on them.

In these elections the people who come to the market for contesting elections are worst then these prostitutes, courtesans. The prostitute’s only crime is that she is selling her body and earning money but these politicians are much more corrupt as he steals, robs and does all forms of crimes. You would have not seen any prostitute usurping someone’s land on gun point; they have not usurped the wealth of orphans and widows. They have not looted the public treasury, banks and they have made their body selling crime as means of sustenance. But this politician is doing all forms of treachery and every crime with the people and with nation. But when the carnival is setup and these prostitutes put on their anklets, start to dance this visitor throw notes on her and in these election carnival also in the same way they are throwing votes on these worse than prostitute candidates. This is the intoxication they have; the same reward of notes in carnivals; it is of votes in election. This is the entertainment. When you know that they are criminals, they know all their crimes with evidences. You sit with people they will express all this, that how corrupt this person is but still he is from our party and we have to cast vote. This is a reality which the Pakistani should keep in mind but there is a total lack of seriousness in Pakistanis.

Third Reality: Dependency on corrupt persons

One more reality of elections is that the religious person’s present one justification for voting is that we have routine work of courts, police stations and these politicians get our work done. It is true when they are in need for some work like jobs, admissions they visit the politicians to get the work done. Everyone should count the number of tasks these politicians have done for each of them after the elections. After getting votes do they even allow you to visit their office and homes? Where do you find them after elections? In what difficulties of yours you see them? How many work of yours they have got done so that you are again presenting this justification?

If we assume they have got some work done for you then in this situation is this not our tragedy that corrupt persons have become our need. This means we are living in such a society or part of such a society where corrupt persons have become our need. They are our need and persuasion. What kind of persuasionis this which you have imposed on yourself? We are Muslims, believers in Allah, Prophet, Ahlulbayt, Quran and we respect ethics and are followers of religion. What kind of atmosphere is this where we are forced, pursued to take support from corrupt persons? Take support from corrupt persons then also claim to be religious! There are two things; one is that they just take votes from people and only care about themselves. It would be a false accusation on them that they are supporting people. It came in newspapers that in some places people have placed banners that do not come to seek vote from us because you never come to us, to see our situation after elections for five years. Their past activities are in front of people. We have casted vote in 2008, there was no electricity and there was 8 yrs load shedding; then after 2013 elections there is 13 yrs load shedding. Now you will again cast vote, so just see whatthe situation of load shedding is, what is the situation of basic needs, where has our currency reached? Those who were giving justifications that they are in need, just see what needs they have fulfilled.

Then the second possibility is that we assume that these corrupt persons are doing some work for you, then if these corrupt persons have become the need of the community, the people are depending on the adulterers and drunkards then this is more grievous for us then the grief that they don’t do anything for us.

Fourth Reality: Destruction by Sultan, Mullahs and Peer

At this juncture there are some arguments which have been placed inside the minds of people which people repeat on hearsay. At present you can see to win elections what kind of things people are doing. Those who visit fairs they are blindfolded with lusts hence they do not consider it as an evil to visit fairs where prostitutes are dancing. Similarly visiting elections, political fairs also there is a blindfolding of personal interests and hence they don’t see what these politicians are doing. If they remove this blindfold they can see openly what they are doing to win elections. For the sake of winning elections these politicians are visiting corrupt persons, as well as shrines and graves of saints. You can see in news that so and so political leader went to this grave, shrine, madrassa or to some tribe leader. They might say that they have got in good terms with Establishment. If they have to take votes from people, then what do they have to do with these graves.

Allama Iqbal has expressed this reality of democracy. He has presented a picture of his community in his poem Armaghan e Hejaz, by the title “Aawaz e Gaib” (Voice from Unseen). This is an inspiration regarding the reality of people, as to what is happening with the people and what they are doing.

Ati Hai Dam-E-Subah Sadda Arsh-E-Bareen Se
Khoya Gya Kis Tarah Tera Johar-E-Idraak !

From the Emperium enquires a voice at dawn: how did 
you lose your essential quality of enquiry and understanding?

Every day this voice comes early morning as to how you lost your power of sense and understand.

Kis Tarah Huwa Kund Tera Nashtar-E-Tehqeeq
Hote Nahin Kyun Tujh Se Sitaron Ke Jagar Chaak

 How was blunted your scalpel of research? 
Why do you not rend open the hearts of stars?

You had surgery knife of getting down deep; how come this has become blunted? Why can’t you search and reach the reality. Why you are not rending apart the heart of stars to reach the reality.

Tu Zahir-O-Batin Ki Khilafat  Ka Sazawaar
Kya Shaola Bhi Hota Hai Ghulam-E-Khs-O-Khashaak

You deserve to dominate and rule over all that is visible as well as esoteric. 
Can a flame be the slave of dry sticks and grass?

Allah has made you Caliph and representative on the earth both in outward and inward; then tell me with this worth of Caliphate, you were made a flame to burn the straws and hays but how have you become the slave of abased things. You were sent on this earth as Caliph to burn out lowliness on this earth but you have become slave of these.

Mehar-O-Mah-O-Anjum Nahin Mehkoom Tere Kyun
Kyun Teri Nigahon Se Larazte Nahin Aflaak

Why are the sun, moon and stars not under your suzerainty? 
Why don’t heavens shudder with a mere glance from you?

Why are you not dominating these; Allah has made you their rulers and to dominate them. Why are the skies laughing on you?

Ab Tak Hai Rawan Gharcha Lahoo Teri Raagon Mein
Ne Garmi-E-Afkaar, Na Andaish-e-Bebaak

True! Even to‐day blood courses through your veins, but 
Your thoughts do not inspire nor is your thinking fearless.

There is still heat in your blood but your thoughts are not warm. Your blood is warming, but your thoughts are not free. You are lowly and abased like slaves.

Roshan To Woh Hoti Hai, Jahan Been Nahin Hoti
Jis Ankh Ke Pardon Mein Nahin Hai Nigah-E-Pak

An eye which in its vision does not imbibe pure virtue 
Is capable of seeing, no doubt, but is not all‐seeing.

The eyelid which is not having a pure vision, this eye can see but will not develop insight and understanding in it.

Baqi Na Rahi Teri Woh Aaeena Zameeri
Ae Kushta-e-Sultani-O-Mullai-O-Peeri !

Not a bit remains in you of your clear reflection of conscience! 
Alas! O you victim of imperialism, of mullah‐ism and mysticism!

The conscience which Allah has kept inside you as a mirror. Conscience is an internal power of differentiating between right and wrong, between corrupt persons and righteous ones. It is a judge sitting inside every soul. But why that clear mirror like pure conscience is not there? Iqbal says that why you lost all this? Your mirror like conscience died? Your clear eyes with insight died? Your passion died and you became the slave of abased things? Your scalpel of deep understanding became blunt and died. Who killed all these? Who did this slaughtering inside you and made you slave; killed the sense of leadership; your warmth of heart, your pure eyes and conscience was killed by whom?

Ae Kushta-e-Sultani-O-Mullai-O-Peeri

This slaughtering was done by these three; Sultan, Mullah and Peeri (Kings, Priests and Sages). This community has been killed. By whom? By Imperialist Kings, by Priesthood and following sages. This triangle has annihilated and ruined you. Today you do not possess any thoughts, sense, feelings, realization, responsibilities and they have made you deaf, dumb blind by these three categories. You can see today who is holding the decision of your destiny? Sultan’s that is the establishments. Then the Mullah’s and Sages. Today also those who want to become ruler they go and bow in front of these. So where are the people? They have just come to throw votes like throwing notes on dancers. They are coming to just throw votes on these corrupt beings in this carnival.

When they know that they are corrupt, ineligible, dacoits, thugs and all like media, organizations, forces, and judiciary unanimously agree that they are corrupt and still these corrupt ones are coming by changing the flags. But see the non-seriousness of this community. They are giving away their status, worth, community, religion and everything in the hands of the corrupt category of people. Can a serious person do this? Like there is a person who has a young daughter, wealth and a lot of assets but he goes and hands over everthing to a rowdy of the village. He gives his mosque, daugthers, wealth, home and all sacred things to a corrupt person then he will be a foolish person. Community, religion, nation are all sacred things which you are going to hand over to corrupt. This is a separate discussion whether democracy can do this or not which is ongoing in our other series of lectures on Imamat and Democracy. To cast vote means this is my nation, community, religion and everthing on which I am giving you the authority by casting this vote. And who are you? You are corrupt, licentious, adulterer, drunkard, thug, dacoit and I am handing all my sacred things to you. This is the peak of non-seriousness and you cannot find a foolish community like this anywhere in the world. That they are making the most corrupt beings as the vicegerent of the nation and telling them to loot, ruin and deprive this nation from everything. Is Pakistan today a respected nation globally? It is not, then why? This is because you have handed over this country to corrupt persons. You have handed overthe nation, community to them and this is the situation of the country, religion which they have done. And you have handed these to them to destroy.

It is like going to the fair where these prostitutes are dancing, so will you give the keys of some elderly Sufi shrine to them, but vote means the same, that you are doing this. In Fairs you give note to prostitutes and leave but in elections when you give votes, it means we are leaving and this holy shrine of our elder is also in your hands. You will see that they will make this holy shrine the den of prostitution and gambling. When you give keys of sacred places to smugglers, what do you expect them to do? They will make this place the den of smuggling which they have done with this nation. People have thrown votes on this corrupt and sinners.

Fifth Reality: Strange logic of Istiraar (selection between evils)

There is one more strange logic which is common in Pakistan. One is to give priority to small evils over big evils. There is a small sin on one side and a bigger one on other side, so we should select the smaller one. As I said before like on one side there is swine and there is a mouse. Some guest comes to your house, you decide that we cannot cook swine as that is highly impure but mouse is also impure but smaller Haraam, so we can cook mouse and serve to our guest. But why are you not slaughtering this chicken which is roaming in our house. If the guest has come, then there are dogs, swine, mouse and also chicken around you. So why you are not taking the name of chicken? We have kept this chicken only for fun as a memory of our elders. The hen yells every day, we get up hence we cannot select it. They say when you are placed between Halaal and Haram, then you don’t see small Haram or big Haram. You have to select Haram. The question of small Halaal and big Haraam comes up when you don’t have any Halaal option. When you have no other path, no way and your life is not secure at all, and there is no Halal instead of swine and mouse; then you have to use this logic and say that this is compulsion (Istiraar).

Istiraar (Compulsion) is a state of human being presented by Quran and Allah has made the religion for this state of Istiraar. It means man comes in such a state where he cannot deliver his obligations and cannot do the right thing. He gets into such a difficulty, state where it becomes impossible to do the right thing or if he does the right thing then there will be unbearable loss. The laws that are made for the state of Istiraar in Jurisprudence are categorized as secondary laws. For everything Allah has made a primary rule which are known as primary laws and then there are secondary laws. There is one actual primary rule and then along with that there is a secondary law for Istiraari state. Like all these things that are forbidden to eat, the primary law is that it is Haraam to eat. But if you are being compelled, then this Haraam you can eat in this state of Istiraar. This Istiraar makes a Haraam permitted for man. This secondary law is also from Allah and till the time there is Istiraar you can act on secondary law and the moment the state of Istiraar ends this law also end. The actual Sharia is the primary laws and secondary laws are only applicable in state of compulsion where it is impossible to act on primary law. The difficulty should be to the extent of persecution then you can go by the secondary law.

The primary law is that this thing is forbidden and we have to consider this as Haram and not consume it or act on it. But the situation is that if I don’t eat this Haram and there is no Halal also available which means I will suffer and there is a certain fear of death. In this situation the Sharia of Islam has kept this secondary law whereby if you only have Haram and there is no Halal or possibility of getting Halal and you will die if you do not consume Haram then you can consume Haraam in this situation. The Quran says that in this situation the distressed person can adopt Haram. The second point is that the Istiraari order is only till the time compulsion is there which means till Halal is available. Allah has made certain things as Halaal and certain Haraam. Hence there is a possibility that at times Halal might not be available for man. If he consumes Haraam in this state of Istiraar then still that thing remains as Haraam but only the sin and punishment is removed. In Istiraar Haram does not becomes Halaal; it is only that Haraam becomes permissible. It is not that this meat has become like Halal meat. You have been only given this permission due to Istiraar that there is no punishment. You have eaten dog and swine only; the only point is that the case will not be made on you. You cannot say I have eaten Halaal. Istiraar has lifted the punishment from you for consuming that Haraam.

The third point is that Istiraar is not permanent and continuous. The secondary law is for a moment. Allah has made primary law for the normal life. When they give argument that we are compelled and this is Istiraari they should know that Istiraar is temporary and that too conditional that if you don’t do this you will die and there is a threat of annihilation. At present are elections a compulsion for us?

One reality of Pakistan elections is that there are 220 million people living in Pakistan. As per election commission there are 100 million voters only and rest 120 million are not voters because either they are immature or for some reason they don’t have rights to vote. Thus out of 220 million 120 million are out. Now from these 100 million all don’t votes. As per election commission records in history of Pakistan the maximum vote casted has been 42%. This means 58% are not voting, this means majority are not voting for whatever reason; whether they are sick or whatever or they don’t consider it important to vote. If there are 50% voters also but always less than 50% votes. In 2013, there were 40% voters and prior to that 38% voted. Those 120 million who are not voters; they are compelled and under the state of Istiraar what do they do? Where do they go on the day of elections? What Fatwa is there for them from the Mufti’s of Facebook. What are these 120 million doing on this day? Are they doing Haram or Halal? Then from these 100 Million voters those 58% who don’t vote how do they get their problems solved? Where do they go in difficulties? These are the official records from election commission which I am mentioning. Who solves their problems? Why are they not getting annihilated? Those 120 Million and these average 60% who do not vote; they do not get annihilated in the elections because Istiraar is the name of annihilation. Then the left ones are 30 to 40 million and in every constitution there are multiple candidates. Like there are 5 candidates in each constituency on average. So if you count the votes of those who have lost in totality that is more than the votes of the winner. The one who has won might be taking care of his voters but what about those who did not vote for him; who is taking care of them? How is the absolute majority in Pakistan surviving in the country?

As Iqbal said that eyes can see but cannot witness the reality. The eye that is not having purity cannot see. A simple formula which even a kid can understand. The Quran has talked about these at various places. In Surah Baqarah verse 173 and the discussion starts from verse 170.

وَإِذَا قِيلَ لَهُمُ اتَّبِعُوا مَا أَنْزَلَ اللَّهُ قَالُوا بَلْ نَتَّبِعُ مَا أَلْفَيْنَا عَلَيْهِ آبَاءَنَا ۗ أَوَلَوْ كَانَ آبَاؤُهُمْ لَا يَعْقِلُونَ شَيْئًا وَلَا يَهْتَدُونَ {170}

And when it is said to them, follow what Allah has revealed, they say: Nay! We follow what we found our fathers upon. What! And though their fathers had no sense at all, nor did they follow the right way

When they are asked to come towards the system of Allah, they say that whatever we have received from our ancestors it is enough for us. We follow them and do what our ancestors did. If your ancestors had no sense still you will follow them? This is Quran’s answer

وَمَثَلُ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا كَمَثَلِ الَّذِي يَنْعِقُ بِمَا لَا يَسْمَعُ إِلَّا دُعَاءً وَنِدَاءً ۚ صُمٌّ بُكْمٌ عُمْيٌ فَهُمْ لَا يَعْقِلُونَ {171}

 And the parable of those who disbelieve is as the parable of one who calls out to that which hears no more than a call and a cry; deaf, dumb (and) blind, so they do not understand.

Then the Quran says that those who not believe, despite of explaining them from all aspects. Their parable Quran says is like that person from whom يَنْعِقُ is done. “Naak” in Arabic is that sound which is produced to call herds. Every sheep or herds of animal there is a shepherd which makes specific sounds for the type of animals. The owner of sheep, camel, cows make different sounds by which they herd the animals. These sounds are only sounds and have no meaning. It is a specific type of sound which the animal hears and moves. The Quran says that these people who do not have sense; calling them is like making sound for the animal. They are listening to the sound and cry; the tone is reaching them but the content, meaning is not getting transferred. Who are they? They are deaf, dumb and blind who do not understand. In whatever language you explain they do not understand.

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُلُوا مِنْ طَيِّبَاتِ مَا رَزَقْنَاكُمْ وَاشْكُرُوا لِلَّهِ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ إِيَّاهُ تَعْبُدُونَ {172}

O you who believe! eat of the good things that We have provided you with, and give thanks to Allah if Him it is that you serve.

إِنَّمَا حَرَّمَ عَلَيْكُمُ الْمَيْتَةَ وَالدَّمَ وَلَحْمَ الْخِنْزِيرِ وَمَا أُهِلَّ بِهِ لِغَيْرِ اللَّهِ ۖ فَمَنِ اضْطُرَّ غَيْرَ بَاغٍ وَلَا عَادٍ فَلَا إِثْمَ عَلَيْهِ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ غَفُورٌ رَحِيمٌ {173}

 He has only forbidden you what dies of itself, and blood, and flesh of swine, and that over which any other (name) than (that of) Allah has been invoked; but whoever is driven to necessity, not desiring, nor exceeding the limit, no sin shall be upon him; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful

The Quran says, that O believers whatever pure food Allah has made for you, you should eat that and be thankful. What is Haraam for you? The Haraam is carrion (dead animal), blood, meat of swine and that animal which is not slaughtered in the name of Allah; all these you cannot eat. Then the verse says that if someone gets into the state of Istiraar, compelled. This means he has nothing to eat and only one of these four things are present with the condition that there is no Halal present and if he does not eats, he will die. In this situation if he eat this, then there won’t be a sin on him.

In this Istiraar, there are two conditions set;  غَيْرَ بَاغٍ وَلَا عَاد  if there is no desire or exceeding the limit. If he is Muztar, that is in need but if he is longing or he is crossing the limits then despite of being Muztar as well he cannot eat. If there is no Halaal in his range, and he is dying, he can eat that and save him but with the condition that he is not having غَيْرَ بَاغٍ وَلَا عَادlonging and exceeds his limitsبَاغٍ is an ardent longing in which he breaks the limits. This is rebellion whereby he is breaking the limits. If the Muztar is    rebellion and second meaning if the Muztar عَاد     . This is from Adu that is crossing the limit. The one who is having longing and exceeding limits, then even if he is Muztar he cannot do this. بَاغٍ Means one who is after Haraam from beginning. His orientation is towards Haraam and is always looking for haram. He likes to drink Alcohol and now there is a situation where there is no water or anything to drink, and only Alcohol is available, now if he consumes that it will be a sin for him. This is because he is already having a longing for Alcohol. This Haraam is only for that who in normal conditions does not goes towards Haraam and only in state of Istiraar he is near Haraam. The second one is عَاد who is used to breaking limits.

Now for the sake of vote they need a religious justification he needs a Fatwa. Have you taken a Fatwa for using your car? Have you taken a Fatwa for staying inside your home? Have you met all the religious demands for everything? Why you are not referring to Sharia and Fatwa in all other matters of your life? In all other matters youare avoiding Sharia. The one who generally crosses the limits and if he becomes Muztar as well it is not permissible for him. There is a driver who does over speeding in normal days as well. Today he has to attend to a political gathering and he asks for a Fatwa to over speed. The Mufti says there is no harm in doing this and Quran also says that there is no harm in doing this provided this is not his routine. The one who is driving normal daily and now he needs to over speed for him it will be allowed. The one who is used to over speed he will remain criminal.

Thus Istiraar is for those who not have any Halaal. So we have no option other than the corrupt persons for or salvation in this world and hereafter? Whereas in the same country where the majority are not voters and from amongst the voters there are 60% who are not voting. So how are they solving their problems? The way they are doing you also do. Then you say we are in Istiraar. It is not easy to prove Istiraar. To prove Istiraar you need to close all the permissible ways. You will have to put a wall in front of Imamat, Wilayat; all the divine ways of Quran you will have to block. Then you can say that there is no other way, justification for the community rather than following Taghoot. First you will have to destroy all the elements of religion then you can become Muztar. When the Halaal, right path of religion is open, you cannot say anyone that you are Muztar; only the one who is rebellion and one who crosses limits will say this is Istiraar. This means he likes to do Haraam, which is part of his essence. He is after Haraam in every segment and not just elections. He will give preference to Haraam while eating, while travelling, while looking at someone; while making relationships, he gives preference to Haram in trading. A person who only eats Haram cannot become Muztar, and even if he becomes Muztar (that is no options left), then also he will be doing a sin. This is because he likes Haram from heart. So first study Istiraar and do a simple analysis of Quran and see if we are Muztar or not. We hope that Allah will protect, secure Pakistan from every tyrant, dacoit, corrupt, tyrant who does treachery with religion and people. And what Allama Iqbal has said, that this community has been assassinated by Sultan’s, Mullah’s and Peer, Allah should protect this nation from this is evil triangle. 

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