Political Markaz - No negotiations forever with America – Leader takes control

No negotiations forever with America – Leader takes control

No negotiations forever with America – Leader takes control

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The second issue is of Iran whereby the Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Khamenei (d.a) has given a unique and marvelous speech. The situation of the country was such that the Leader has done a very open, clear discussion on the situation booth for global and local issue. Every sentence of this needs need elaboration

He expressed what America is doing inside Iran and to counter that he presented a roadmap on how to counter them to save the nation. In that roadmap he has guided the people, government and also condemned certain elements of government. He said that there are two forces attacking Iran. One is the external economic attack started on Iran which has applied pressure on Iran and along with that there is an internal force active inside the country who want to paralyze the nation and disturb the people. In that internal force as well there are two groups; one are the traders, merchants, corrupt people against whom Leader has ordered all these corrupt persons who are creating economic crisis inside the country, who are playing with the currency, hoarding essential goods and state level severe judiciary actions should be taken against them. Some action has been taken and more than 100 such pawns are arrested and for them Rahbar has instructed the Judiciary to take immediate actions against them and punish them. They have arrested some big pawns who had corrupted the economic market inside Iran. Then the second part of this team were government authorities holding some key positions. Like the authorities of State bank, some other organizations who have been arrested and are inside prison. There are some ministers and secretaries inside Ministry who were coordinating with America and were acting like their soldiers. 

The Leader has clearly said that economic crisis inside the country is not due to American sanctions but it is due to the corruption inside the state management. He has ordered the relevant authorities to arrest traders and corrupts persons inside state apparatus. They have started a crackdown and have arrested various persons, very soon the judiciary will announce strong punishments so that this economic corruption can stop there. He has condemned in stern words to cabinet and other authorities stating that at present no laziness, softness, lingering of any sort will be tolerated and no one should consider themselves as secure and the leader has himself taken full supervision and control himself.

The second part of the speech is very important which we can say is a historic statement by the leader. This was related to the negotiations which took place with America which they have breached and have imposed oppressive sanctions now on Iran and is aiming to wipe off the Iranian system. The Leader said that from the very beginning I was against any negotiations with America. If you remember that Leader even though he agreed for the negotiations which was because the atmosphere which certain people created. This was that the diplomats, government persons want to solve the issues but the Leader and his revolutionary followers want to spoil the situation.  They had made such a situation in which the Leader asked them to do negotiation if they want to do but at the same time made them attentive that they are not trustworthy and you need to be careful.

This is the second time where Rahbar has done such an open talk. It was so open that media of Iran first published it and then in few hours they again re telecasted by some censuring. The Iranian media then did not broadcast some sentences of the speech. This speech was delivered amongst thousands of people in Hussainiah where he meets people. He did this speech in their presence and was not in a closed room. The thousands of people listened the speech there. The Media also broadcasted but later they removed some words but the world knew that Rahbar has said all this. Since some censuring was done there was some confusion which started amongst people that Rahbar has said this and not that. Then again the media re telecasted the uncensored speech. In order to understand this speech, many points should be in our mind than we can understand this.

First of all during the anniversary speech of Imam Khomeini (r.a) at the mausoleum the Leader has said that a valorous thing which Imam (r.a) possessed which many bravest of persons also do not possess is to accept a mistake. The Leader expressed this virtue of Imam (r.a) that whatever steps was taken by Imam (r.a) during the revolution in terms of appointing a personality or suspending someone the Imam open confessed his mistakes.  Like Imam said regarding Montazari to become his successor, he said I was not in favor that a simpleton like Montazari should become successor of Imam but since others insisted I remained silent.  This remaining silent on insistence of others was a mistake and I should not have supported this. Imam later said that I was not in favor that this person was suitable to be a leader, he said he should only give Lectures but some revolutionaries were his deep fan to the extent that they considered Montazari even more revolutionary than Imam. Imam over here openly said that this was a mistake.

Similarly when Imam (r.a) made Mahdi Bazargan as interim Prime Minister then later it was known that this person is not righteous, he does treachery, he is liberal and not harmonious with revolution. Here also Imam said that it was a mistake to make Mahdi Bazargan as the Prime Minister and this should not have been done. Then giving Bani Sadr permission to contest Presidential elections and he was given many rights also and then later Imam (r.a) said this was a mistake. In his will also he has written that it is possible that I might have appreciated certain personalities in my life and later they changed or would change, hence my praising of them should not be considered as my attestation for them.  The Supreme Leader said this in the mausoleum of Imam (r.a) that Imam had this valor, courage and this should not be considered as a weakness. This is a big specialty, virtue in a leader that when a mistake happens he should accept that this was a mistake and we should not repeat this mistake.

Previously also in one gathering in Barjnour, the Northern town of Iran amongst hundreds of thousands of people the Supreme Leader said that the order which was passed for population control which was a policy proposed by Hashemi Rafsanjani and Leader approved that whereby  it was decided that Iranians should not have more than two children was a mistake. The Leader said it was a mistake and I seek forgiveness from Allah as well I seek apology from people. The group of Rafsanjani made this atmosphere. Though it was not Leader’s policy but he attested their policy. And he said this was my mistake and Iranians should reproduce as much now. But still the Iranians are not ready to increase their population. All birth control measures are prohibited in Iran. The government is giving support for children born but mentally Iranian society due to the previous propagation and western influence have accepted that children should be less. The Leader has said to increase the population several times. Iran is 3 times bigger than Pakistan geographically but the total population of Iran is around 80 million whereas Pakistan is around 220 million.

In such a big country there is small population and enemies are all around America and Arabs. There the human power is the most important. At that time many scholars like Allama Tehrani, who was a big personality and amongst the student of Imam (r.a) openly wrote a book also and gave an example that in Pakistan when there was Benazir government at that time and she was the Prime Minister. Being a Prime Minister she delivered 2 or 3 children. He said that your neighboring country Prime Minister is giving birth to children so what problem you have that you are imposing restrictions. Since he did not had government position no one listened to him though he issued stern statement. There were others who were nodding their heads with government. On the contrary a big Marajae came on TV and said we should create hatred in the hearts of Iranian to produce children and they did that. The Leader said that this was our mistake.

Now, in this speech of Leader within the roadmap which he presented, he said that first of all this negotiation which we did with America was a mistake For himself he said when our Foreign Minister seek permission from me to negotiate with American Foreign Minister and I gave permission to him was also a mistake from my side and it was not correct. This negotiation should not have taken place and the way Imam (r.a) had put restrictions on any negotiations with America; similarly from my side as well from now on there is permanent ban on any negotiations with America. I gave permission before and was also a mistake and also those who did negotiations before was also a mistake and this mistake needs to be compensated now. Due to those negotiations the mistrust of America that has come forward and have done devilish act and are pursuing further.

The way other elderly personalities have said that this is a big virtue in a leader that he accepted his mistake. If you see across the world there is no such level of leader that will come and say that this was my mistake. This is a greatness and not a weakness. These are the things from where a person understands that most sincere, trustworthy leader of this world is this personality. It is not that to show stubbornness since it was done from me. He said that this was a mistake and this will not happen now. This is something unordinary and with this the faith increases on Leader. The ordinary persons do not like that our Leader should say this in public that this was a mistake and people think that our leader should always say that what I did was right even if he has done wrong.

The leader told others also and government that you have done a mistake and you should not repeat it. Then there are some effective groups which are putting pressure on government to resign. He criticized them as well that that this is also not correct and you are also dancing with the conspiracy of enemies.  This government has done mistakes and they should rectify all mistakes and all should support them to resolve the economic and national situation. He said that the sanctions are not effective on the state of country. The current situation is due to the weakness of authorities, government officers and experts.  Some economist experts have written letter to the leader that the economic issues are not due to sanctions but due to weakness in management. The Leader has emphasized that these weaknesses should be overcome and resolved immediately and no such shortcoming will be tolerated anymore.

It is only these revolutionary steps which can take the country out from the crisis. We should remember that the Supreme Leader has his specialty and expertise, and has a big virtue of crisis management, that too global level crisis, and he has secured his community several times from such crisis in past. The other countries should also learn from this who are also victims of similar crisis like Turkey and Pakistan who are in the same crisis. IF we see the crisis of economy, security then Pakistan is deep into it. The Pakistan management, government should learn from here how to get the country out of this crisis. The Pakistanis should do this. They should remove the glasses of prejudice. If someone can remove his nation out of crisis without submitting to any devilish power is a big experience. This is what is required by Pakistan. The Pakistani should remove the glasses of prejudice. There is a big asset for us that a revolutionary government is there which is boycotted by the world and they are standing against all the powers so why can’t we do this? The population of Iran is very less and they are managing their country in these difficulties. We have a big population. We have 220 million persons in Pakistan and the Iranian people are not contented and grateful.  Whereas Pakistanis are contented nation, they have more power of patience; they are grateful. Pakistanis are not the ones who complain so soon whereas Iranians starts to complain, protest. In Pakistan there is power issue since decade but the Pakistanis do not complain. They consider darkness also a benefit for themselves. In Iran for few days in this same summer there were power cuts issue the Iranians made a big issue. Iranians cannot tolerate whereas Pakistanis are hard people. If this community gets good leadership, managers which this community has been deprived since 70 yrs. They have been always under dacoits, thieves, feudal lords who come and loot the nation who do not care for the nation and people. Now also do not keep hope. This is a simple mindedness of Pakistani that moment the elections come they start to guess that may be now things will improve. How can things improve when you have unexperienced, untrained persons. This government which is specifically formed now and the one who is going to become leader has no experience since birth about management. He is not even having experience of his family management and has spoiled his family affairs several times. He is going to take care of the management of the country when he could not even manage his family. The management of crisis needs special expertise.

It is our suggestion to the Pakistani community and leadership however they are. You are going to others every day and bow in front of them; you go to Arabs, America and Europe who disgrace and insult you. You should form a delegation and go to Iranian management, leadership and learn from them crisis management. How to secure the country from crisis. I am telling all this because the Pakistan community have high tolerance, patience as compared to the Iranians. In Iran a poor person is considered one whose monthly income is less than 1000 dollars per month. In Pakistan who is a poor person? In Pakistan a poor person is one who cannot earn 2$ in a day. This is the difference in standard of living. In Iran if someone is not having his own home, bank balance they say he is a poor person. The Pakistanis are patient, tolerant, contented and grateful. If you ask the poor labor also in Pakistan about his state he will say thanks to Allah. I used to tell my Iranian friends (back in Qom), if someone had 500$ of salary a month; he would say I am starving, there is nothing. When you have got such a community, then this community will cooperate to come out of the crisis.

The Satanic conspiracies which were made against Iran was to apply sanctions from outside; then from inside the corrupt and affluent persons will create corruption; due to which people will rise against government, there will be a rebellion and this way we will change the regime. The Supreme Leader has foiled all their conspiracies and have told his nation that you have to manage your own crisis and these corruption, transgressors who are present in the country who are damaging economy there should be severe operation against them; which has started and big persons who are millionaires, billionaires who were damaging are caught and many names will come later in which there would be some Ministers as well, some big position holders and might be some revolutionaries also who under the disguise of revolution were causing corruption. This was a very important point because such kind of politics is not done by the world because no one accepts their mistakes and all consider themselves as pure and clean. This elderly personality without doubt is a bounty for the entire Muslim Ummah and also for their nation. We pray to Allah to protect this Supreme Leader from all calamities.

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