Political Markaz - Die or rise against liberal rights laws in India

Die or rise against liberal rights laws in India

Die or rise against liberal rights laws in India

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In India one more beauty of democracy has got manifested. India has the biggest democracy as regards to population. Though China is bigger but not democratic though they have developed that much so might be Allah will question Chinese as to how they did development without democracy. This is because we believe that without democracy we cannot make any progress. The ideal system is of democracy as per our beliefs and China has progressed without democracy. In democratic countries the biggest population is of India and every day this democracy is showing its beauty day by day. Few weeks back they announced homosexuality as legal. Man marrying man, woman marrying woman has become the rights of all Indians and rights cannot be stopped. In a country when something becomes the rights of people then it cannot be stopped. Like inside a home if two brothers want to do this illicit act, which is not even done by animals and only man does it when they become abased more than animals. If two brothers wants to do this, you cannot stop them because this has become their rights. You cannot stop the rights of someone and parents will be prisoned. If anyone in India stops anyone from doing this, he will be prisoned.

Yesterday they have given another gift of democracy to Indians and that is you can have illegitimate sexual relationship with married woman. A woman who is married and if someone else likes that woman; and if they decide to do adultery they can do and husband cannot stop his wife. India and Pakistan are such countries where if someone stares at the wife of someone they shoot that person. The Supreme Court has made this law in India that this is your fundamental rights and you can establish any form of relationship with a married woman. In Sharia terminology this is known as Zina e Mohsina. Those who say secularism and democracy is paradise they should come here.

Why Imamat and Wilayat is necessary for people? Why Taqwa is necessary? It is to protect from these calamities and evils. In India the 250 million Muslims who are living, what will they do? These two laws which are made what will the Muslims do? If a Muslim or Non-Muslim establishes relationship with this married woman, then can anyone stop them? The husband, father, mother, brother, son and no one can stop them now. What will be the Fatwa now? That is persuasion and we cannot do anything here. This religion of persuasion (Istiraari) which we have made running in parallel to Allah’s religion. This is destruction and the world is going in this direction. The system of Allah which is made of modesty, chastity which we have only kept for mourning on it and its shadow is not on us.

 It is clear that whatever happens in India will happen in Pakistan. The culture of Pakistan is part of Indian culture. If you see the dress of Pakistani women it is like Indian women. You see the tone of speaking of Pakistani it is like Indian. You see the atmosphere inside homes of Pakistani it is like Indian. Whatever Indians do the Pakistani will do. If India has advanced so much in democracy then the same question will come up in the democracy of Pakistan. They say these are human rights. You will see very soon a big discussion on Human rights would be triggered by this government. The fundamental rights of people should be granted to them. So what are those fundamental rights? They should be given permission for homosexuality, adultery with married woman and these are fundamental rights of human being which India has given and you should also give.

To sit silent here with the pinch of salt like religion which we have in our lives that has tranquilized us is a crime. Here Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anal Munkar becomes obligatory. Here the Qayam of Imam Hussain (a.s) becomes obligatory. Here you do not need mourning for Hussain but you need rising, encounter of Hussain. What was Yazid doing? He removed the difference between Mahram and Na Mahram. He destroyed the limits of Allah. Now in India is it enough to just raise the flag and say Ya Abbas? The laws of Yazid are getting implemented in that country and you are living there. Here the duty and obligation becomes something different for every human being. This is not acceptable for anyone; whether Hindu, Shia or Sunni. But now there are celebrations on Social media on both the laws. There was no voice raised on this; neither from scholars, intellectuals, people or board of scholars.

This does not even comes in personal laws. They are considering these as fundamental rights. Wherever the fundamental rights of human beings get stampeded then it is the law of the world now that all religion, constitution and laws are changed. Terminate religion, constitution so that no obstacles come in the path of rights. Tomorrow they will allow this to be done with mother and sister because it is the fundamental rights of human. This is democracy which means whatever people likes. The people like such rulers who do this. If one evil person wants to marry his sister they will say it is his fundamental rights and if he want to do then let him do.

This is the gift of democracy for those who are blind followers of democracy and have distanced the people from Wilayat, Imamat and all these crimes which are happening they are all responsible for it. The rules, laws which will be made as per the wish, desire of the people, then all these democracy lovers are responsible for that. All these eaters of dead body fleshes who love democracy are responsible for this those who say that in emergency, persuasion you can eat dead animals. So eat now dead corpses. When your own married woman will get exposed into these threats then you will get a better taste of this democracy.

The humanity has no other solution other than Wilayat and Imamat. Humanity is not secure in any other system other than Wilayat that is Taqwa. It is only this system which secures man, woman, mother, sister, married woman, and family, poor, rich and all get protected. These are not subjects which you should just listen and get rewards for listening. We should awaken our conscience and get some self-respect. It is astonishing. Now you can realize why Imam Hussain (a.s) did the uprising and others did not. I mentioned before that there is a class difference between the people. They don’t have this issue to establish relationship with a married woman. This is liberalism, we live in secular country. But for Imam Hussain (a.s) there is a difference. If you cannot end this corrupt system then it is better you die. Here death is the only last path and living is not legitimate. This is the logic of Imam Hussain and religion of Allah. If this is not stopped here then this will take the entire world under its clutches. We used to think that this was in Europe, America but now it has come in your neighborhood. Once something comes in India then no one can stop this from coming to Pakistan. There are columnists in Pakistan whose names also I can take who have been writing columns for these illicit acts since years back to create the atmosphere. There is no one who objected and replied to it. They knew the route for this is from India. Anything you want to impose in Pakistan can come very easily from the route of India. This is because the Pakistani culturally are Indian. They like everything from India. This is the tragedy. May Allah secure believers and entire humanity from this Satan’s, devils and their evil acts.

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