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Sep 28,2018 0 Likes 23 Views
In India one more beauty of democracy has got manifested. India has the biggest democracy as regards to population. Though China is bigger but not dem
Aug 17,2018 0 Likes 26 Views
The second issue is of Iran whereby the Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Khamenei (d.a) has given a unique and marvelous speech. The situation of the country
Aug 17,2018 0 Likes 11 Views
In International issues, the most grievous incident that took place was in Afghanistan, and every day there is tyranny and cruelty increasing and Shia
Aug 17,2018 0 Likes 45 Views
In Pakistan there is a new crisis as the new government is being formed in Pakistan. Since the new government is being formed with the help of many an
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 27 Views
The situation in Pakistan is that everyone is waiting for formation of new government. There are groups visiting the way disciples visit the courts of
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 8 Views
The most aggrieved event last week was the blast in Afghanistan in the mosque of Shia believers on last Friday and believers are under wave of attacks
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 14 Views
The second incident which took place was in Yemen, though everyday brutal killing has been going on. Last week they did aggressive attacks twice; one
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 16 Views
In Kashmir the situation is tense and the destiny of Kashmir Muslims have reached a very sensitive stage. There was a law made in Kashmir before the i
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 12 Views
Saudi Arabia has done certain things last week. One was the aggression which they have done in Yemen and it is their trait of killing people. Canada h
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 20 Views
In Iraq till date the government is not yet established and there are no possibilities also seen in the near future instead the things are getting com