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Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 17 Views
In the national issues in Pakistan there are certain bitter incidents. On a general note the economic and political instability is increasing day by d
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 3 Views
One more grievous thing that has happened in Pakistan and is coming in media since last few days and which was an unexpected and strange incident. One
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 15 Views
The other events which are coming up; amongst them one is the Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari (a.s). These days are days of Allah and are the days of
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 13 Views
In this month of Rabi ul Awwal, there are events across the world and in Pakistan as well. In Pakistan, everyone should raise them above sects and the
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 5 Views
One more serious issue are the issues created for Shia believers in Afghanistan. Since the Presidential elections are also close in Afghanistan and as
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 7 Views
One more grievous incident that took place some days back was a full-fledged aerial and land attack on Gaza. They did a beastly attack and after two d
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 10 Views
One more incident that took place is one Houthi commander has done treachery and taken refuge in Saudi Arabia and they have raised this issue a lot an
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 4 Views
A lot of bitterness has got developed between Europe and America. Trump has visited Europe and has participated in certain conferences. The French Pre
Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 7 Views
A most serious incident of this region is about India. The government in India is extremist who raises the slogan of Hinduism and considers India as a
Nov 02,2018 0 Likes 12 Views
The most bitter incidents of last week and very grievous for everyone; in which is the incident of air crash in Indonesia where 189 persons were in it