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In India one more beauty of democracy has got manifested. India has the biggest democracy as regards to population. Though China is bigger but not dem
Aug 17,2018 0 Likes 33 Views
The second issue is of Iran whereby the Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Khamenei (d.a) has given a unique and marvelous speech. The situation of the country
Jul 27,2018 0 Likes 33 Views
History of Anarchy in Pakistan Elections  The important issue of Pakistan is elections whose results have come out and people are also enjoying
Jul 20,2018 0 Likes 42 Views
Terrorism in Mustang Election gathering In last week (two week before 2018 elections) there were two terrorist activities in Quetta and Peshawar, res
Apr 13,2018 0 Likes 53 Views
Amongst the events the one that passed yesterday was the Martyrdom of Imam Musa Kazim (a.s) which falls on 25th Rajab. We express our condolence to th
Jan 05,2018 0 Likes 162 Views
We have entered 2018 so let us do an assessment of 2017 which has just passed. I will express later how 2017 passed in Pakistan and from where we will
Dec 12,2017 0 Likes 42 Views
Iran Presidential Elections (2017) Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi Last week on May 19, 2017 were the Presidential elections in Iran. There was lot of warming
Dec 12,2017 0 Likes 153 Views
Trump milking Saudi Cow Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi 21st May has been an accursed day because under the leadership of Kufr (Infidelity) an Islamic confere
Dec 12,2017 0 Likes 41 Views
Iran Attacks Background and Analysis By Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi When incidents happen they are seen in isolation and not analyzed with its backgroun
Nov 19,2017 1 Likes 135 Views
War against Islamic System First of all we should be attentive towards this fact that this nuclear agreement is not an absolute issue which can be co