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Dec 15,2017 0 Likes 76 Views
In national issues, like Middle East are moving in a dangerous direction. In June 2018 the elections are coming up and every day the country with full
Nov 03,2017 0 Likes 55 Views
Ruined economy of Pakistan In current affairs there are various issues globally and national. In national issues they are there from beginning only
Jun 16,2017 0 Likes 96 Views
The event that is upcoming next Friday is the Day of Qod’s which is the fundamental and strategic declaration of Imam Khomeini (r.a). This is an
Jun 09,2017 0 Likes 91 Views
The Supreme Leader day before yesterday in a gathering with the University students made a very important point. This was on the same day when this in
Dec 16,2016 0 Likes 80 Views
Another thing related to these days is a very important statement which the Supreme Leader has issued two days back. We can say that he has said a uni
Nov 13,2015 0 Likes 85 Views
The other point which I have repeatedly mentioned about the fronts that have been created against Islam and specifically the forces that have been cre