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Last week in Kashmir was very tough for the people there. It was full of martyrdom every day and daily 5 to 7 persons are getting martyred. On one sma
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The big event this week and next week also is the Ayyame Fatema (s.a). These events are the days of mourning for her as well as in this month on 20th
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Last week, in the country on 5th Feb was the solidarity day for Kashmir. The entire Pakistan community participated on this day, they enjoyed this hol
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The global issue which is aggressive now, is the issue of Afghanistan. In Afghanistan America has done several negotiations with Taliban. In the secon
Jan 25,2019 0 Likes 11 Views
In Kashmir last week the martyrdoms are going on; there has been attacks in various areas under the name of search operation where the Indian army is
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In last week, the bitterest incidents have been in Kashmir. The killings have been going on weekly basis and 8 to 10 get martyred in Kashmir. The tyra
Jan 04,2019 0 Likes 28 Views
Latest Political Analysis 2018 in Kashmir was very bitter. This was the first time that the number of martyrs in Kashmir were more than Palestine.
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In last week, a big tyrannical act was done in Kashmir. The entire 2018 was tough in Kashmir but in last week the Indian forces have killed unarmed Ka
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In last week the most grievous situation has been in Kashmir in which ordinary Kashmiri were martyred daily. In one day 7 to 8 Kashmiris were martyred
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The Punjab government after coming in power took a first open discussion. The government is taking certain steps to just keep the people occupied; lik