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Country - Yemen

Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 10 Views
In Yemen one more interesting event that has taken place is that one Southern region of unpopulated region was under Al Qaida control since long befor
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 12 Views
Saudi Arabia has done certain things last week. One was the aggression which they have done in Yemen and it is their trait of killing people. Canada h
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 14 Views
The second incident which took place was in Yemen, though everyday brutal killing has been going on. Last week they did aggressive attacks twice; one
Aug 03,2018 0 Likes 18 Views
One more important topic on the list is the battle of Yemen. For almost last full month there has been severe war specifically on the ports of Yemen.
Jul 27,2018 0 Likes 40 Views
The top of the list in international affairs is the Yemen war. This war has prolonged and the attacking ones want to make this reach to some decisive
Jul 20,2018 0 Likes 27 Views
The hot topic is Middle East and in certain countries in the region there is a state of War. The issue of Yemen needs more importance. Since one month
Jul 13,2018 0 Likes 20 Views
In Yemen with utmost tyranny, cruelty the Arabs, Zionists and others in order to remove the disgrace they have suffered they attacked Hudaydah but the
Jun 22,2018 0 Likes 19 Views
If you see other issues, the Saudi commander has issued command that war should stop in Afghanistan. This tyrant who has killed millions in Yemen and
Apr 27,2018 0 Likes 27 Views
Ale Saud last week did a big crime in Yemen. In a marriage ceremony last week in some Yemen village they bombarded from air and killed, wounded severa
Apr 13,2018 0 Likes 36 Views
In Syria a new wave has started whereby two superpowers have come in confrontation and there are exchange of dialogues. This happened last week and it