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Country - Yemen

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Ale Saud - The barbaric family  Ale Saud is nearly a century old now. They started in 1903 and this family started to came into power. In 1932
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One more historic incident that has taken place last week. Christians have three sects globally; one is Catholic Christianity, one is Orthodox and Pro
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The first topic is that the Christian Calendar has reached its end, and 3 days are left and after that 2019 will start. When a new year starts and one
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In Yemen, the truce has been made related to Hudaydah port and the negotiations have started. Though the battle has not stopped and it looks like very
Dec 14,2018 0 Likes 4 Views
One progress that has taken place in Yemen is that at Hudaydah Port on which there has been severe battle since months. The alliance has dropped bombs
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In Saudi Arabia there is a new crisis. As there is a foolish government of the father and son who are creating a crisis every day for Saudi Arabia and
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In Yemen one more interesting event that has taken place is that one Southern region of unpopulated region was under Al Qaida control since long befor
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Saudi Arabia has done certain things last week. One was the aggression which they have done in Yemen and it is their trait of killing people. Canada h
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The second incident which took place was in Yemen, though everyday brutal killing has been going on. Last week they did aggressive attacks twice; one
Aug 03,2018 0 Likes 35 Views
One more important topic on the list is the battle of Yemen. For almost last full month there has been severe war specifically on the ports of Yemen.