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In Pakistan there is a new crisis as the new government is being formed in Pakistan. Since the new government is being formed with the help of many an
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 12 Views
Turkey has started a competitive friction with America. Turkey has caught an American priest for spying two years back and was inside prison. Trump ha
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 12 Views
Saudi Arabia has done certain things last week. One was the aggression which they have done in Yemen and it is their trait of killing people. Canada h
Aug 03,2018 0 Likes 17 Views
The most important topic at present is Iran, Ale Saud, America and Israel is the circle which is the center of news. The fresh step which America has
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As mentioned last week also, that America since some time has started to threaten many nations to show its dominance. Trump is threatening his neighbo
Jul 27,2018 0 Likes 28 Views
America has started certain type of wars. In Middle East they have a fundamental role in all crisis. They are creating fear in Arabs against Iran. In
Jul 20,2018 0 Likes 18 Views
One more important thing that has happened last week was the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. This meeting has become the point of a
Jun 22,2018 0 Likes 24 Views
As I said in the beginning of Trump’s Presidency that he has come for a trade war with China. He has started to do trade attacks on European Uni
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For the disgrace of America, Allah has intended to disgrace this Satan and its downfall has started. The signs of his descend which are there is Quran
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They are now finding these hopes as they have said before that we will not allow Iranian Revolution to complete its forty years and this is the fortie