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May 17,2019 0 Likes 1 Views
The headline news since few weeks is the Iran America conflict and tension which seems like the region is moving into the jaws of war. It looks like t
Apr 26,2019 0 Likes 6 Views
This tyrant, cruel family of Ale Saud and this donkey Bin Salman has beheaded many innocent Shia and non-Shia Muslims. Around 37 innocent civilians we
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In Pakistan, one more attentive has come in news, that in American Embassy formally an army training center has been made. The way it is there in cant
Apr 05,2019 0 Likes 4 Views
One more progress that has happened, is that American congress, Parliament has passed a bill to stop support of Saudi due to Yemen war. In America the
Mar 29,2019 0 Likes 4 Views
One more topic in headlines are the crisis going on Venezuela. America has intervened for rebellion against the ruling government. Since long the situ
Mar 29,2019 0 Likes 11 Views
In this situation Israel has brutally attacked Gaza with missiles and bombed but still the people of Gaza are showing perseverance. There has been del
Mar 29,2019 0 Likes 6 Views
The situation is disturbing in Middle East. Golan Heights in Syria are the mountainous region which Israel has occupied at the time of wars in 1968. T
Mar 22,2019 0 Likes 17 Views
Trump has issued a fresh statement, about the Golan Heights Mountains which is between Syria and Israel, and since 1968 UN has asked Israel to return
Mar 01,2019 0 Likes 16 Views
Taliban - America Friendship In Afghanistan there is another story happening that Taliban and America have started friendship dialogues and America
Feb 22,2019 0 Likes 79 Views
Trump & Bin Salman Wants : Pakistan to fight with Iran  The favorite guest who came to Pakistan and then went to India; where he was greet