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Feb 15,2019 0 Likes 5 Views
Two major crime and Trump’s support  When Trump became President, he did the first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia. This never happened in
Feb 15,2019 0 Likes 5 Views
Ale Saud - The barbaric family  Ale Saud is nearly a century old now. They started in 1903 and this family started to came into power. In 1932
Feb 08,2019 0 Likes 3 Views
Trump has issued a statement that it is time to come out of Afghanistan and Syria. He said we have achieved our goals and this is not our battle and i
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Pakistan FM has made us attentive towards one point. This was expected from the government, though the government is busy in accusing and abusing the
Feb 01,2019 0 Likes 8 Views
The global issue which is aggressive now, is the issue of Afghanistan. In Afghanistan America has done several negotiations with Taliban. In the secon
Jan 25,2019 0 Likes 8 Views
The Afghan American representative Khalilzadeh came to visit Pakistan and established negotiations between America and Taliban in Pakistan. They are n
Jan 18,2019 0 Likes 3 Views
One important news which is in headlines globally and everyone has their eye on it is BREXIT that is Britain’s Exit from European Union. Then based
Jan 11,2019 0 Likes 6 Views
The most important political issue going on globally are the diplomatic activities in Afghanistan and is going on for making Afghanistan a future batt
Jan 04,2019 0 Likes 26 Views
Similarly at a global level also in 2019 there are dangerous plans seen. As per some analysts, 2019 is the year of wars as 2018 was preparation for wa
Dec 28,2018 0 Likes 16 Views
Apart from this, the topic which I have to mention is that this is the second Christmas for Trump. In 2018, 1st January he insulted Pakistan and first