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Country - Turkey

Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 12 Views
Turkey has started a competitive friction with America. Turkey has caught an American priest for spying two years back and was inside prison. Trump ha
Jun 29,2018 0 Likes 30 Views
In international politics, there has been elections in Turkey before time though the time for the government was pending. Rajab Teyyip Erdogan has got
Jan 26,2018 0 Likes 24 Views
In Syria an important turn has come whereby Turkey has formally attacked Syria. They have attacked Afrin province in the Kurdish region; the Turkish f
Dec 15,2017 0 Likes 116 Views
In global issues what happened last week when the American Satan and their corrupt ruler Trump has taken a disgraceful step by declaring Jerusalem for
Oct 17,2017 0 Likes 133 Views
Reappearance of the Ottoman Empire under the framework of Erdogan By Syed Jawad Naqvi Amongst the current affairs there are many ongoing topics. We