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Country - Saudi Arabia

Nov 16,2018 0 Likes 9 Views
One more incident that took place is one Houthi commander has done treachery and taken refuge in Saudi Arabia and they have raised this issue a lot an
Nov 02,2018 0 Likes 9 Views
There are all sorts of pressure on Iran; there are seditions, pressure from people inside and all sorts of steps are taken to besiege Iran from all ar
Nov 02,2018 0 Likes 9 Views
The game between Saudi Arabia and Turkey like that of cat and mouse is going on. After the killing of journalists, Saudi Arabia is under big crisis an
Oct 26,2018 0 Likes 10 Views
The big crisis in which Saudi Arabia is involved is related to the death of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  This journalist who was part of the Saud
Oct 19,2018 0 Likes 6 Views
In Saudi Arabia there is a new crisis. As there is a foolish government of the father and son who are creating a crisis every day for Saudi Arabia and
Oct 19,2018 0 Likes 6 Views
One more issue which America has created for Pakistan. America has openly said, that we have a trade war with China and it is an open war. China has a
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 15 Views
In Yemen one more interesting event that has taken place is that one Southern region of unpopulated region was under Al Qaida control since long befor
Aug 10,2018 0 Likes 13 Views
Saudi Arabia has done certain things last week. One was the aggression which they have done in Yemen and it is their trait of killing people. Canada h
Aug 03,2018 0 Likes 22 Views
The most important topic at present is Iran, Ale Saud, America and Israel is the circle which is the center of news. The fresh step which America has
Jul 27,2018 0 Likes 19 Views
The pilgrims have started to go for Hajj and is an important Islamic obligation. With the current situation of the Islamic world this obligation is no