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Country - Palestine

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Ale Saud - The barbaric family  Ale Saud is nearly a century old now. They started in 1903 and this family started to came into power. In 1932
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Latest Political Analysis 2018 in Kashmir was very bitter. This was the first time that the number of martyrs in Kashmir were more than Palestine.
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Similar oppression is ongoing in Palestine. The movement of return to land has been started and going on since months and on every Friday the Palestin
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One more grievous incident that took place some days back was a full-fledged aerial and land attack on Gaza. They did a beastly attack and after two d
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In the national issues in Pakistan there are certain bitter incidents. On a general note the economic and political instability is increasing day by d
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Like other issues this issue is also buried in Pakistan like other issues. Some people became attentive on this news but like other cases it got burie
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In international issues, the top of the list issue is the one which is not the point of attention for media and international issues. There are two is
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In Gaza, Israel is continuously bombarding and attacking them. With the help of Egypt, Jordan they decided on some peace but Israel does not abide by
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In the same last week one important incident that took place on Thursday was that Israel was formally declared asJewish nation. In Israel there are tw
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The second topic is the Syrian battle which is also very important and fundamental. It can be said as decisive battle and the Syrian battle will decid