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In Pakistan, one more attentive has come in news, that in American Embassy formally an army training center has been made. The way it is there in cant
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Pakistan PM has visited Iran last week and has become very popular in the news. There has been no other trip of his or any of his cabinet ministe
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The new stages of an uncertain instable politics that is going on are coming up like changes in Cabinet. The discussions after the changes are indicat
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The other incident which took place yesterday and was expected is that big changes have been done in cabinet by PM. He has removed major pawn of his g
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IMF has formally announced that they have accepted the loans request. Pakistan has accepted all the destructive condition of the loans. The last agree
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One strange thing that has happened from Pakistan is that they have given the most effective personality of the world in 2018 award to Mohammad bin Sa
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Another bitter incident is flooding rains across the country, which has caused damaged to life and property. Around 50 have been killed due to floods.
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The first incident of terrorism that took place in Balochistan last week was on the Karachi Gwadar highway, where few buses were stopped, and their ID
Apr 12,2019 0 Likes 20 Views
Last to last week the WEFAQ organization of religious madrassah, their chiefs and some other religious organizations which are testified by government
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The crisis of economy which is going on in Pakistan has acquired severity. Actual crisis is political and this has given birth to economy crisis. This