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A bitter incident took place near the city of Zahedan. The IRGC came under suicide bomb attack and big martyrdoms took place. Since Zahedan is a borde
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Last week in Kashmir was very tough for the people there. It was full of martyrdom every day and daily 5 to 7 persons are getting martyred. On one sma
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This is grievous day. 16 Feb will get recorded in the history of Pakistan as the black day forever. That day in 1952, when our leaders went to Pakista
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If the economy of Pakistan is weak then adopt the right policy. This nation can take care of their economy if you give them opportunity. The Pakistan
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Eyeing on helplessness of Pakistan in an exchange deal He has eyed on Pakistan because he has knowledge of the difficulties of current government.
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Dripping bloods of Shia’s from MBS jaws and claws  This filthy person who is been given such high guest protocol whereby 21 cannon salut
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Ale Saud - The barbaric family  Ale Saud is nearly a century old now. They started in 1903 and this family started to came into power. In 1932
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Tomorrow is big bad omen entering Pakistan. The bad omen is that the most abased, lowly, disgraceful person on this earth is coming to Pakistan. He is
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The big event this week and next week also is the Ayyame Fatema (s.a). These events are the days of mourning for her as well as in this month on 20th
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Pakistan FM has made us attentive towards one point. This was expected from the government, though the government is busy in accusing and abusing the