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This is the current politics which is ongoing in the country, in the same situation our PM is going for Ziarat to America, he has been called there. I
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The government has recently done one thing whereby one person who was very famous in politics, Rana Sana Ullah, who is the head of Muslim league and a
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The current situation of the country is seriously bad in terms of one is political instability which is in ordinary. It is astonishing that this insta
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Islamophobia is a big process in West, and they have achieved a lot with this process what they could not achieve through wars. First when they got th
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The other hot issue was the Mecca Conference which took place last week. There were three conferences done; one was the conference of Gulf leaders Sum
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The National Minister Ali Mohammad Khan who was in some Ministry before as well has formally written a letter on his letter pad to Saudi Ambassador fo
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In Waziristan the danger bells which were ringing since long time that a group has been developed there who are fighting for the rights of Pushtoon. T
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You can see where the economy has reached. As per my limited information it is first time in the country for the sake of supporting economy the defens
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Inside the country there are other issues as well. The opposition has announced that after Ramadan they will start a movement to bring down the govern
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This year our government has done a criminal act as regards to Eid; both the government of WEFAQ and provincial government of KPK. They declared Eid a